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So, aside from the obvious plate of philosophical linguine that sits inside my head, who am I?  This is always a question that bugs me as the answer is never simple…or it is rather simple and I just don’t like that the answer is uncomplicated. Yeah…one would say that I’m a bit of a mess but I like it that way.

I am a husband, father, IT guru at my day job and Ethical Hacker. I also like to hike when the weather is good, play a game or two and of course I am an addict of stories. I love a good story be it a short story, book, movie, play or a humorous musing told by a friend.

What is this place?

Well, I’ve had a personal website since the mid 1990’s. It’s been a blog and/or digital signpost where to find me online. In the early days of the internet, that wasn’t too many places. I used to comment often on various Usenet message boards and a few websites that were around at the time. I used to blog about anything and everything. Then social media came along and blogging for me changed in that I just didn’t write much. Why spend the time writing a blog post when you could interact with people in a conversational way?

As for some of the additional questions one may ask:

And the formal legal stuff.

  • All content on this website, including text and photographs, header images, graphics are copyrighted J. Riley Castine unless otherwise notated.
  • All content may NOT be used without my prior written consent and yes, that means you EC-Council! While they have not stolen anything from me that I know of yet, they have from many others. Details:
  • If you wish to share my content, consent is hereby ONLY granted as long as you credit the original source.
  • Consent is NOT granted for sharing the contents of my books, physical or ebook formats, on any social network, media, or otherwise, without my expressly written consent.
  • Here is our privacy policy should you need to review it.