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Category: Linux

O Wherefore Thou Art, Grub Rescue?

Yup, something bad happened. My Mint Linux install did not take an update for grub well. It was a normal pushed update, installed it and everything was working fine. Famous last words everyone say until the next reboot, then, nothing. Grub rescue was not able to resolve the issue, reinstalling Mint Linux on the drive was not working.

What happened? Something that I’ve not heard of happening very often these days. My main NVMe SSD drive simply died, 11 months of operation and a failure. So, picked up a replacement while I do the RMA thing to get back up and running.

Mint Linux again? Well….there are some issues here to discuss.

First, a recurring issue that I can’t seem to solve with Virtualbox. I will encounter an issue where copy/paste stops working. The problem will randomly occur where I can’t copy from the host and paste into the guest VM and vice versa. I have to shutdown the VM completely, start it again and it’s fine for a while. Yes, the latest version of Virtualbox and the Guest Additions tools are installed. It happens with my Kali VM, Internet VM (Mint Linux), will happen with the Windows 11 VM. I’ve rebuilt these VM’s from scratch, issue persists. Reload of the main desktop and the issue persists. It would happen every now and again over the past year, but in the past 2 months, it’s become more of a problem.

Second, I won’t lie. I do hear the call of the gamer. Most of the games I like to play work on Linux except anything from Electronic Arts. Their DRM controls cause issues and being able to play something like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has been problematic.

Third, I really do miss using VMWare Workstation Pro for my VMs. Yes, Virtualbox works well, but there are some things that are much slower than they should be. VMWare Workstation Pro for Linux does work but there is an intermittent thread locking issue that comes and goes with minor version updates. This causes a VM to randomly freeze for a random amount of time.

So, with the new NVMe SSD installed it was back to Windows 11 Pro for my main desktop, but not initially. Some of these issues could they have been caused by the failed SSD? Perhaps. I did a fresh Mint install on the new NVMe SSD and tested VMWare Workstation Pro. Thread lock issue showed up within 20 minutes. This really stinks. It’s a known issue that comes and goes.

The three afore mentioned issues? All gone with Windows running as the host operating system.

Yeah…I am both pleased and not happy at the same time.

I had stated in the past that I was not going back to Windows. I really don’t want to be using Windows but the issues with copy/paste and VM’s freezing are a deal breaker. The only hope on the horizon is that version 6.0 of the GNU/Linux kernel is out. I’ll revisit things when Mint Linux has that version available and stable.

Until next time!