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Twitter is Dying, Where Will That Leave InfoSec?

I’m not going to get into the how and the why of the current situation with regards to Twitter’s stock price crash. Well, perhaps crash is a bit dramatic. It’s lost over 10 percent of it’s value in the past week which is never a good thing.

Given the revelations of the video leaked on Jack Dorsey and his intentions of what his company has planned for the immediate future, one has to consider that the impact will have on the downtrend of the stock price. Will it continue? How much more damage will Twitter have to attempt to absorb? Can it absorb that damage?

Will Twitter fail as a result? Only time will answer that question but I don’t believe the odds are good for it’s survival or for the very least it’s continued utilization by the InfoSec community.

Twitter is a very engaged resource for the InfoSec community. For alerts of activity, disclosure of various research, timely communication between professionals. Twitter has been a main information channel.

However, this resource has been disrupted. Many people are no longer on Twitter through either quitting or being victims of the purge. I have noticed several InfoSec colleagues accounts are dark, no activity for the a few weeks now. When reaching out to a few, their sentiment is that their feeds are too noisy with the political vitriol; mainly from people they don’t follow but Twitter’s algorithm has decided they need to see.

I only follow 43 people on Twitter, mainly InfoSec related. In the time from October until I last checked this morning, I have yet to see anything from anyone I follow. I only see political themed tweets from people that I do not follow, ads and more political tweets from people I don’t follow.

Twitter has opted me into seeing only what Twitter wants me to see, not what I chose to follow. Unfortunately, my experience is not isolated. Many are seeing the same thing.

In this regard, the algorithms have either failed or they are being manipulated in such a way that people have no control over what is in their feeds. That in essence, makes Twitter useless as an information resource for technology professionals and for the InfoSec community.

I have attempted to resolve this issue by reaching out to Twitter support. Asking why my feed is overloaded with nothing that I chose to follow. That was back in November. I have as yet to receive a response.

Where does that leave us? Lacking. Twitter is not useable anymore. What will we as a community find to replace this resource? Another social network? Some grandiose forum? A Subreddit? Honestly that may work, many are already active there.

I know that the InfoSec community will be okay, we have many resources that we use. It’s unfortunate that Twitter is no longer one of them

Until next time!