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Windows 11 Preview

So I recently built a secured VM for Windows 10 and installed the Windows 11 preview to take things for a test drive.

Just a note, if you are running VMware Workstation Pro as I am and need to setup TPM support for your VM, follow the instructions on VMware’s support site for creating a secured VM container (

After you finish setting up the VM container, install Windows 10 and opt into the Windows Insider Program under the Windows Updates section of the control panel and choose the Dev track. This will allow you do download and install the preview builds.

So, I’ve been playing with it on and off for a week now and I will say this. It’s nicer looking than Windows 10. The interface seems to be smooth and responsive. I do like the updated settings menu.

Red box added to cover my email address.

The layout makes more sense with the two panes. Finally something that is much more efficient.

Something else that I really like, the changes in how the Maximize button works. When you hover the mouse over the button, you have options as to where the windows will snap on the screen.

Maximize button and window snapping changes.

The right click menu has an interesting addition, finally.

Windows 11 Right Click menu has Windows Terminal

So, just as we have had on Linux GUI interfaces since they first came about, you have access to a terminal on you right click context menu. The newer version of terminal has a nicer settings control; it no longer opens the setting json file by default although you can still open it up if you wish.

I’m still working through things, playing with the “dark” theme. There are still some things that don’t fit that theme such as the good ole Notepad app. Do keep in mind that these are the preview builds. Not beta, not RMT (Release to Market) candidates but the previews of alpha builds. There’s still a lot more work for Microsoft to do here.

From what I can see so far, a lot of quality of life improvements are what we are looking at here. As further testing is being done, we’ll see how much under the hood has changed.

Does this mean that I will be moving away from Linux as my main driver and back to a Windows machine? No. I’ve made the switch and I’m staying a Linux user but I will always have a VM for Windows for obvious work related reasons.

Until next time!